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Cast & Crew
Actors :- Vijaykanth, Shamita Shetty

Director : Manoj Kumar, Music : Koti, Banner : RKD Studios

Original Name : Raajjiyam, Original Language : Tamil, Release : 2002, Hindi Release : 2004

Kartik (Vijaykanth) is an honest and trustworthy man. He is absolutely disillusioned by the corrupt system where everyone from the top to the bottom of the ladder seems to be corrupt. He knows of a police officer who helped a terrorist escape from jail. The same man had also helped the son of the governor who had committed murder. The governor gets to know about Kartik's honest nature and gives him the job of being his personal security guard. But is the Governor an honest man?

Box Offices

The film was declared a Super-Hit at the Telugu box office. Though the film created expectations of a political thriller, with Vijaykanth spewing dialogues laden with political nuances, but Raajjiyam is about brothers laced with action sequences. The film was produced at a cost of 7 crore.