yeh hai adda
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Cast & Crew
Actors : Sushant, Shanvi, Dev Gill

Director : Sai Kartik, Music : Anoop Rubens, Banner : RKD Studio

Original Name : Adda, Original Language : Telugu, Release : 15th August, 2013, Hindi Release : September, 2015

Adda is the story of Abhi (Sushanth), who is a young bloke and provides a unique service of creating rifts between couples. He provides this service mostly to the couples' parents. He builds crevices between couples who plan to marry against the wishes of their parents and gets paid big bucks for his services. In the process of a break-up, Abhi falls in love with Priya. However, Priya keeps off Abhi as he is too money-minded and she is engaged to Dev Gill. The rest of the film shows how Abhi chases her and gets her to fall for him.

Box Offices

Adda is a lavishly made Action-Romantic Film and was declared a Hit at the Box Office.