meri zindagi ek……agnipath
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Cast & Crew
Actors :- Chiranjivi, Tabu , Soundarya, Urmila Matondkar, Prakash Raj, Monica Bedi

Director : Gunasekhar, Music : Mani Sharma Banner : RKD Studios

Original Name : Choodalani Vandu, Original Language : Telugu, Release : 1999, Hindi Release : 2005

"Meri Zindagi ek……AGNIPATH" is a very well made film. It's the story of Avinash [Chiranjeevi] who comes to Kolkatta for some reason which he doesn't disclose to anyone. He takes a house on rent, where he meets Padma and gradually they fall in love.

Avinash indulges in an argument which leads to a fight with the local goons. One day, a local goon sees Avinash and informs his Boss that Avinash is in Kolkatta. The Boss orders him to kill Avinash. There are a lot of fights in between and Avinash gets injured.

On his way to the hospital, Avinash remembers his early days [Flashback]. Avinash is a motor mechanic and is looking for a bride. He goes to the railway station to receive his grandmother but instead he meets Priya [Anjali Jhaveri], who is going to Mumbai from Kolkatta. They see each other passionately, slowly and steadily love blossoms. The train starts and leaves the platform. On realizing this, Avinash runs to his bike and manages to reach next station in time. On seeing Avinash there, Priya becomes very happy and jumps down from the running train and asks Avinash to take her away from this place as Surya, a goon is following her. Surya is the right hand of a big industrialist, namely Mahendra Singh [Parkash Raj], who is a criminal. Priya does not want to go to her father and runs away with her beloved Avinash. Both get married. Priya gives a birth to a baby boy-Madhu. On learning this Mahendera Singh meets Avinash and plays a foul game. Mahendra Singh sets Avinash's house on fire and takes away Priya. Avinash tries to save his son Madhu. In between, Priya is killed and Avinash is charged with the murder. Mahendera Singh takes custody of Madhu, Avinash's son. [ Flash back ends]

Avinash comes to his senses and everyone comes to know that his mission for arriving in Kolkatta is that he wants his son Madhu back. Lots of fight sequences and the action drama begins. In the end Avinash saves Madhu from Mahendra Singh's clutches and finally kills Singh. Avinash and his son Madhu are leaving kolkatta, to their surprise, Padma is waiting for them on the Platform.

Box Offices

The film was declared a Super Hit at the Telugu Box Office and is one of Chiranjivi's all time hits.