maa kasam badla loonga
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Cast & Crew
Actors :- Prabhas, Nayantara, Mumaith Khan, Pradeep Rawat

Director : V.V.Vinayak, Music : Mani Sharma, Banner : RKD Studios

Original Name : Yogi, Original Language : Telugu, Release : 2007, Hindi Release : 2009

"Maa Kasam Badla Loonga" is an outstanding Action film which revolves around a young innocent guy – Yogi [Parbaas] who is a simple guy and lives in a village with his parents. He does not do any work and spends the whole day with his kid, and his friends playing games, etc. His father isn't keeping too well. His mother advises him to take up a job so that they can live life respectfully. But 'Yogi' does not pay any heed to her talks. Eventually, his father dies without medicines and proper hospitalization.

His mother sends him to Mumbai to earn a livelihood. Yogi tries to earn money with honesty and sincerity but local goons do not allow him to do so. They intervene in his work without any reason and one day a goon, of the same locality, is killed by Yogi during fight. This incident changes Yogi's life and he himself becomes a big name in the underworld. Big or small, whoever it is, they are all scared of Yogi. But Yogi has not done anything wrong. He believes in honesty.

At times he missed his mother. Nayantara, a journalist by profession, wants to interview Yogi. Co-incidentally, she meets Yogi's mother who has reached Mumbai in search of her son. Unknowingly, Yogi's mother starts living with Nayantara.

Nayantara falls in love with Yogi. Further, a goon (Pradeep Rawat) wants to hire Yogi to work on his behalf so that his illegal business flourishes. Yogi refuses. Pardeep Rawat captures Yogi's mother and warns Yogi to work for him otherwise he will kill her.

Box Offices

The film was a declared a Super Hit at the Telugu B.O and was a huge success.