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Cast & Crew
Actors :- Darshan, Reema, Madalasa Sharma, Ramesh Bhat

Director : Sadhu Kokila, Music : Sadhu Kokila, Banner : RKD Studios

Original Name : Shourya, Original Language : Kannada, Release : 20th August, 2010, Hindi Release : August, 2013

Shourya movie is the remake of Telugu movie Shouryam. It is the story involving brother sister sentiments. The young siblings are treated shabbily by the people in their colony. They even need to beg for a one time meal. Soorya one day goes to sell the only ring in the hand of his sister but he is mistaken as thief. He comes running back to meet his sister, who is convinced by Abhalashrama (children care home) principal to come with him for the safety of her life. Soorya as a young boy decides that his sister will be safe in an orphanage and urges the principal to take her.

Soorya now after 15 years is a cop who takes the responsibility of teaching right lessons to Vijayendra Varma and team as they have killed the senior cop - his guardian (played by Avinash). Soorya goes on a killing spree brings fear in Vijayendra Varma using his tricks. Verma finds out that Soorya has a weakness, his sister, who he then targets to attack Soorya. How Soorya protects his sister against all odds is the climax of the film.

Box Offices

"Shourya" was one of the top ten grossing Kannada movies of the year 2010 and was declared a Super Hit at the box office.