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Cast & Crew
Actors :- Sumath, Priyamani, Vimla Raman

Director : V.N.Aditiya, Music : Koti, Banner : RKD Studios

Original Name : Raaj, Original Language : Telugu, Release : 18 March 2011, Hindi Release: 2011

The story is about a fashion photographer, Raaj (Sumanth), who is caught in between his wife, Mythili, played by (Priyamani) and his ex-lover, Priya (Vimala Raman). Raaj chose not to tell Mythili about Priya and finds it difficult to adjust with his wife during the early days of marriage. However, their relationship improves with time and they finally get close. Just when things look to settle down, Priya comes back into Raaj's life unexpectedly. He's very curios about why Priya left him abruptly in the past. Priya is later kidnapped by her scorned lover, played by Ajay'. Raaj saves her from his clutches subsequently. In an unexpected twist, it is revealed that Mythili and Priya were actually classmates in school. Raaj later uncovers Priya's ulterior motive, tells Mythili the truth, and reconciles with his wife.

Box Offices

The film did average business at the Telugu box office.