Ek Aur Tehelka
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Cast & Crew
Actors :- Nutan Prasad, Sai Kumar, Hansa Nandini, Hema

Director : Surya Teja, Music : : Sunil Kashayap, Banner : RKD Studios

Original Name : Githa, Original Language : Telugu, Release : 1995, Hindi Release : 2008

An interesting thriller, the film begins with Rahul (Rishi) who is married to a loving and beautiful wife Sandhya (Shreya Jha) but then his nature is very flimsy and he believes in making money the easy way by exploiting innocent people. With this idea, he starts off a company called 'Dynamic Dreams' with his friend Chandu (Srinivas Reddy) and promises to make people's dreams come true. In this process, he makes false promises and extracts money from Gaurav (Chitram Sreenu) who dreams of becoming a film star, an aspiring politician and others. Also, he has this real obsession with women and plays with their feelings just to satisfy his sexual pleasures. A victim among them happens to be Hamsa (Hamsa Nandini) who believes Rahul will marry him. On the other hand, there are constant killings happening first of a lawyer, then a policeman and then a doctor and all of them are shot near a phone booth. Heading the investigation is the lazy cop Basha (Brahmaji). One day, Rahul goes to make a call at the public booth he often uses and gets a call instead, from then on starts a conversation with a stranger who has aimed his rifle at him from a hidden spot and the story takes turbulent twists with many ups and downs and sweating moments. Finally, he makes Rahul come out with his sins and confessions in the presence of his wife, police and the media. Who is the stranger? What is the link between Rahul and the voice over the phone? Where does 'Gita' fit amongst all this? To know about this, watch the film.

Box Offices

The film was an Average Grosser at the Box Office.