Ek Aur Dharmatma
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Cast & Crew
Actors :- Sathyaraj, Nagma, Radhika

Director : Sathyaraj, Music : Vidyasagar, Banner : RKD Studios, Cinematography : Jayanan Vincent

Original Name : Villadhi Villain, Original Language : Tamil, Release : 1995, Hindi Release : 2004

Meenatchi Sundara Sasthiriyaar(Sathyaraj) is a successful and cunning Brahmin lawyer in the city, and has never lost any case. He is known for his sheer intelligence in the court along with his brutal nature of not having any feelings when involved in a case. He is married to Parvathi(Radhika), whom he always calls Bombai. They have a beautiful daughter named Janaki (Nagma).

Edison(Also played by Sathyaraj), a man who comes from the area of Ambetkar - is a road roller driver and Localite who trains the local public how to fight. He is living with his poor and affectionate people at a slum. He is a staunch Atheist and is like the leader of his group. He has trouble with the minister of that area whose name is Amsavalli (Vichithra). His area is hit by a terrible storm, he then approaches the minister for help, but the minister brushes them off and insults their group. He and his friend Mani (Goundamani) both get into a verbal exchange with the minister and leave the place and rebuild their huts. Angered by this, the minister orders her henchmen to beat up Edison and set the huts ablaze. This leaves Edison livid and he reaches the edge of his patience and rides a bulldozer and demolishes the minister's house. She miraculously escapes the assault but the blame comes for Edison for his acts.

Earlier in the film, Edison had saved both Parvathi and her daughter Janaki, which made Janaki fall in love with Edison and Parvathi has a good regard for him. Seeing Edison's current situation, Parvathi asks her husband to be the lawyer for Edison and save him from the death sentence. Meenatchi Sundara Sasthiriyaar agrees to this. What happens there forms the rest of the story.

Box Offices

The film garnered mixed reviews from the critics. It took the box office by storm and remained the Number 1 movie in Tamil Nadu for few weeks. It was declared a Hit movie due to the revenue it generated. Highlights of the movie include the three characters played by Sathyaraj as well as the glamour oozed by Nagma. Out of the three characters played, the character portrayed as Lawyer was well acknowledged by the critics and the audience.s