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Welcome to RK Duggal Studios! Hundreds of Titles: Movies, Ad Films, TV Serials and Music!

About Us

R K Duggal Studios (RKD Studios) is an Indian motion picture production, distribution and acquisition company, based in Mumbai. The company was founded by R K Duggal in 2001. It produces, acquires and distributes Indian language films in multiple formats worldwide to various digital platforms and satellite channels. It mainly deals in the ‘ALL Electronics Media Rights’ and Theatrical rights for feature films (including Satellite Broadcasting, Internet, Mobile Phone, Cable TV, IPTV, DTH, Pay TV, Terrestrial, TV rights, VOD, nVOD, Video Copyrights, Blu-Ray, Airborne, Ringtone, Gaming, Merchandising, and other allied rights), worldwide. RKD Studios has over 100 films in its library that it exclusively owns, plus a few additional films for which it holds cable TV rights only. It has also produced various TV Ads and serials.

Ad Making

Apart from production of TV serials and Feature films, we have been making Television Ads for our clients since the past several years. We have a dedicated team that takes care of everything related to Ad Making for your company, from writing a script till completion of your Ad Film. For any inquiries, simply mail us at


The main service we offer is the outright (All Rights) acquisition and distribution of Indian language films in multiple formats worldwide, including Theatrical, Television Syndication and Digital Platforms. Apart from this, we make Ads for our clients and offer complete dubbing facilities in our studios.
We regularly supply films to most of the leading channels in Indian Television.